Sagrantino wine road

Montefalco, where nature and history go hand in hand

Routes in the wine cellars, vineyards, typical restaurants, workshops and natural beauties. Montefalco preserves the precious roots of the Sagrantino grapes which only grow on its hills. A great love for the land and its fruits based on simple and successful recipes. Visiting the wine cellars means discovering the essence of Montefalco, that became the reference point for the wine area in which the Sagrantino di Montefalco and the Montefalco Rosso are produced. The origins of the Sagrantino wine are still debated. An hypothesis links it to the “hirtiola” vine mentioned by Plinio il Vecchio, a theory considers it as native from Greece and imported by Byzantine monks during the Middle Ages. According to others the grape was carried around the 1400 by Franciscan Friars from Asia Minor who made a passito wine out of it, to be used during their rituals, hence the name Sagrantino. Even if currently the dry version of the wine prevails, the Sagrantino is also produced in its original sweet version in which the tradition meets the modern oenology for an overwhelming success. 

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