Franciscan wine cellars

Unearthed during the last restoration works of the Complex, the ancient wine cellars of the Conventual Friars have been accessible and open to visitors since 2006. The spaces are set up with materials from the eighteenth and nineteenth century tied to grape processing and wine production (Private collection of the Umbria association "Studio e Ricerca delle Tradizioni Popolari Umbre Marco Gambacurta."). The historic tanks for the gathering and the pressing of the grapes used to contain wine are perfectly preserved and it is also possible to see the place for the winepresses.
The friars' wine production was documented in the Municipal Statute of 1692 which gives indications concerning its sales, the Franciscan wine cellars are also considered as “the largest in Montefalco”.

Another interesting citation relative to these cellars is in the ”Inventory of the Property of the Minor Friars’ Convent of the St. Francis Church” dated back to 1798 and kept in the State Archive of Spoleto, which lists the objects and equipment included. 

This documentation confirms the presence in the structure of a fully equipped and functional winery, with tanks for grapes pressing and the collection of wine, barrels, kegs, wooden tubs and other equipment used for wine production.

Excellently preserved, the wine cellars situated inside the St. Francis Museum Complex are an astonishing evidence of the strong connection between art and everyday life, culture and society that has always existed in Montefalco from the earliest times and has its very centre in this beautiful structure, thanks to the role and activity of the friars over the centuries.